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SCENAR Training Courses.
SCENAR therapy for acute and chronic pain. (Irvine, CA) May 24-26, 2019 850.00
For repeat students 650.00
SCENAR Devices
For Healthcare practitioner
RITM SCENAR® Pro+ (Scenar-1-NT Version 02; Variant 2.1) 2749.00
Prescription Devices*
RITM SCENAR® Sport D (Chans-01M) 645.00
RITM SCENAR® Sport (Chans-01) 580.00
*US Federal law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.
Prescription and order form here.
Partial payment 500.00
Partial payment 772.00
Additional remote electrodes
Comb (skull) Probe SE-M01 115.00
Small Probe SE-M02 95.00
Pawns-like electrode SE-M04 155.00
Long point probe SE-M09 (curved) 115.00
Long point probe SE-M09A (straight) 115.00
Point electrode with additional changeable contacts SE-M10 65.00
Probe (with small balls on the ends) SE-M11 115.00
Big comb electrode SE-M16 120.00
Reusable Electrodes SE-M17 10.00
Reusable Electrodes SE-M17a 8.00
Connection Cord for reusable electrodes SE-M18 8.00
Electrode Glove SE-M19 27.00
Electrode Sock SE-M20 30.00
Kneecap Electrode SE-M21 25.00
Multi-steel Electrode SE-M22 125.00
Grounding Cuff - Universal One Size SE-M23 15.00
SCENAR Accessories box 125.00
Additional informational and training materials
Instruction for using SCENAR devices (with Scenar Pro) 0.00
Special seminar "Use Outside Electrodes" on CD  (with electrodes) 0.00
"General SCENAR therapy for personal and home use" - (71 pages - Book (Engl)) (Staravojtov) 35.00
Poster "SCENAR" 27"x38" (Image on CD) 25.00
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Texas Sales Tax (if applicable) - 8.25%
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