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Scenar ARM

SCENAR equipment, module of computer interface unit and software packages: information (IS), real time (RTS), a posteriori processing (APPS). Best option for training.
IS contains methodical software with the instructions demonstrating operation in real time when treating specific diseases. RTS allows the operator to input, process and store the SCENAR impact and results during treatment. APPS ensures presentation of the stored information in convenient form.

The software of ARM-complex with effective "digital" methods elaborated by Dr. A. Revenko is developed for diagnostics, values and dynamics tracing and recording.

The algoritms for “digital” methods automation allowed for the creation of ARM software.

This software allows operator to work according to the methods "Higher", "Still higher", "Still higher(vectorial)" for trajectories, "Three tracks", "Area of C3-C4 segments", "Palms".

The realized methodical maintenance makes the complex indispensable for Scenar-center.

Scener ARM is a very convenient device for the cabinet work:

  • creates an index card for each patient;
  • privides reference data;
  • allows review of previous results;
  • evaluates method effectiveness.

Software of Scenar ARM consists of 4 parts:

  • methods;
  • diagnostics;
  • service;
  • help.

Methods of treatment include help of the Scenar devices family:

  • basic methods;
  • auxiliary methods;
  • acupuncture reference book;
  • the doctor's note-book.

"Basic methods" includes recommendations and methods of treatment for illnesses approved by the commission on devices and apparatuses for new medical techniques of the Russian Ministry of Health.

In "Auxiliary methods" Scenar therapist will find information on using Scenar therapy in conjunction with reflexology and acupuncture techniques for treating specific ailments. The Scenar device and its external electrodes can be used to directly influence acupuncture and reflex points.

"Acupuncture reference book" includes maps of the meridians and acupuncture points, tender areas and other reference information.

In "Doctor's note-book" a Scenar-therapist can make notes and illustrations regarding each patient.

Diagnostic data bases include:

  • tracks
  • tracks of the therapists-operator
  • strategy data base
  • inspections

Service includes different tunings that create the maximum comfortable environment for the user.

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